Mission & Services

Eurocomm-PR, a company of Wien Holding, ensures the sustained positioning of Vienna as an international driving force and a "smart city" abroad. Vienna is a geographical and historically grown focal point in the heart of Europe and takes on a responsible role in Central and Southeast Europe. Thus Vienna constitutes a cultural-natural framework in order to engage in a collaborative dialogue with the large cities within the European cultural community, especially in times of a more globalized world: services of general interest, exchange of knowledge, dialogue in regards to energy provision or a smart city development.


Knowledge management, analysis, consulting, creation of decision criteria


Professional external marketing and PR, branding of "City of Vienna" abroad


Creating networks with and among multipliers, driving force for projects and new business for the municipal economy of Vienna

Not least for this reason the Vienna City Council commissioned Eurocomm-PR to strengthen the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between the Vienna City Administration and its partners in Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb. Vienna provides know-how in regional partnerships in order to face the interests and challenges of the cities and to ensure the opportunity to position itself as a location for investments and a regional headquarter. It is paramount to develop the quality of life in a positive and sustainable way for all Viennese people as well as for the people in neighbouring countries and to be successful in international competition.


What we aim for as a hub is to promote exchange mostly regarding communal administrative activities and services of general interest. For this Vienna as a metropolis with an efficient city administration provides the know-how of its institutions but also the cultural pioneering role, its models for a sustainable development as well as for social balance. Cross-border cooperations with the dialogue cities make it possible to define and develop mutual projects, for example in the area of trendsetting smart city strategies, be it for public transport, the utilization of energy, the supply of clean water or an improved air quality.

Our fields of activity

Eurocomm-PR connects with proficient experts and players from the City of Vienna who are competent speakers for workshops or talks and provides the media in the dialogue cities with the hot topics from Vienna (politics, economy, administration, culture).

Vienna communicates its core competencies regarding quality of life (mobility, environment, smart city planning, services of general interest) in order to assist the dialogue cities in the framework of know-how transfers and regular exchanges. Our local colleagues know the regional partners in politics, administration and media in order to do a comprehensive operational work and therefore guarantee a knowledge and information advantage for the City of Vienna. At the same time we find out respective fields of action for the City of Vienna and deliver the foundation.

The respective extent of each cooperation with our dialogue cities can be found on the site of our international offices.