Team & Contact

Markus Pöllhuber
Managing Director
Sanja Drazic
Authorised Representative
Razvan Rusu
Contracts and Cooperations Coordination Unit
Elisabeth Hakel
Project Management Education & Science
Daniela Bichiou
Project Management Presidency of the Council of the EU
Andrea Wagner
Wilhelm Gockner
Head of Channel Management and Services
Michael Konvička
Content Management and Services
Christina Seitz
Web Management and Services, Delegation Management
Rebekka Zeinzinger
Channel Coordination and Services
Marie Freinbichler
Head of Strategic Coordination and Project Management, Marketing and External Presentation
Susanne Gvozdenović
Strategic Coordination and Project Management
Johanna Lehr-Fidesser
Strategic Projects and Analyses
Anna Prucha
Project and Travel Management
Matthew Winkler
Project Management and Project Reporting.
Natascha Borozan
Head of Information and Delegation Management, Country Coordination Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia
Adam Bezeczky
Country Coordination Hungary and Slovenia
Dominik Draxler
Country Coordination Germany
Magdalena Szopa
Country Coordination Poland and Slovakia
Vera Tschakaloff-Janner
Country Coordination Bulgaria and Czechia
Doris Hemrich
Head of Media and Event Management
Ursula Gangl
Team Leader Event Management
Karin Krisper
Team Leader Media Management
Daniela Pratl
Event Management
Michael Aschauer
Social Media Management
Peter Genov
Head of Economic Analyses and Consulting Services
Doris Nicht
Economic Analyses and Consulting Services