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About us

Eurocomm-PR, a company of the Wien Holding, has been in charge of public relations for the City of Vienna in Belgrade, Budapest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb since January 1, 2016. Bratislava is managed by Eurocomm-PR's head office in Vienna.
Eurocomm-PR has international offices in Belgrade, Budapest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb.


The main goals of Eurocomm-PR are to breathe further life into Vienna as a hub in the heart of Europe and to promote increased dialogue and exchange. Europe has to be transformed from an economic and currency union into a social, cultural and environmental union. That means maintaining the autonomy of cities and municipalities in the field of services in the general interest.

Eurocomm-PR particularly supports the City in further raising Vienna's profile by employing all available tools of communication. Vienna is positioned as a cosmopolitan and cultural metropolis, as a model for sustainable development and social justice. The main challenge is to provide and further elaborate state-of-the art communication tools for politicians, the administration, the City's business undertakings, cultural and other institutions. We lay the foundation for productive cross-border dialogue in the fields of politics, culture and administration, thus providing opportunities to define and launch successful common projects. We want to ensure the timely realization of opportunities and risks.

Our business activities

Eurocomm-PR provides detailed and profound information on politics, administration, the economy, culture and the media of the target cities for the employees of the City of Vienna and participants in international expert delegations. Twice a week selected news from Belgrade, Budapest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb show which issues are being discussed in the local media of the cities concerned. Special research gives employees of the City of Vienna an overview on the regulatory proceedings of other city administrations in Central and Southeastern Europe. The on-the-spot expertise of our local team members allows for sound assessments and insights from insiders into the current developments in politics, culture and the economy.

Our media work manages the key communication efforts of the City of Vienna for the local target groups. The issue selection reflects the current main priorities of the City of Vienna. Journalists from the target cities regularly visit Vienna in order to conduct interviews on current Vienna affairs and to take a look at current urban development projects. Facebook company sites and Twitter accounts in the various languages provide a complete picture.

Our international offices organise multi-day "Vienna Events", giving representatives of the City of Vienna the opportunity to establish contacts with decision-makers, media representatives, creative artists and business people on the spot. There are additional arts and culture events organised together with institutions in the partner cities with the aim of promoting the European exchange of artists and other creative persons.

Eurocomm-PR promotes know-how transfer between Vienna and the cities within our communication network and supports politicians in bilateral delegations.

Eurocomm-PR screens public procurements for Vienna's economy published in the target cities and countries. The latter are forwarded to ANKÖ, the Austrian register of contractors, for release.

Further information on the international activities of the City of Vienna can be consulted on