© Eurocomm-PR/Regina Hügli
© Eurocomm-PR/Regina Hügli

European Cities Conferences

About twice a year, on behalf of the host, the city of Vienna, Eurocomm-PR organizes the "European Cities Conferences" (ECC), a mostly two-day conference on current issues of municipal administration and services of general interest. Experts will meet in Vienna to discuss with their counterparts from the urban institutions in Central and Southeastern Europe, to take along new impulses and strategic goals for implementation in the respective municipal administrations and cities, in the spirit of a lively dialogue on "Government2Government" projects.

Interconnected Help

At the European Cities Conference with the title "Interconnected Help", held on 24 and 25 October 2019, the City of Vienna and its international partners from Eurocomm-PR's network exchanged views on the important cooperation between professional and voluntary emergency services and the city administration. Other key topics included measures to raise awareness of the potential dangers of everyday life and the right behaviour in emergency situations, as well as the invaluable importance of volunteers for society. At the end of the conference, a delegation composed of representatives from other partnering cities across Europe visited the "Vienna Safety Festival" in front of Vienna City Hall. The festival represents the largest exhibition on safety and public health in Austria with participation from "Die Helfer Wiens" (The Helpers of Vienna) and all Viennese emergency services. Once again the main focus lied on the mutual exchange of knowledge between key actors at home and abroad.
24. - 25.10.2019