Vienna Days

The "Vienna days" are a unique opportunity to bring together experts from Vienna and the dialogue city as well as employees of the municipal institutions for an exchange of experience. There are three of those events per year which last two to three days and also include a special event which gives the inhabitants of the respective city a sense of the Viennese attitude towards life.

The thematic focus of this exchange of expertise is about all facets of urban life, from smart city strategies to urban mobility and how to deal with the so-called shared economy. The focus is mostly on topics where Vienna serves as a best practise example for coping with everyday tasks in the dialogue cities like waste management, urban planning and urban mobility. The following section is a résumé of the Vienna days.

Vienna days Ljubljana

Under the motto "Cities for citizens" the Vienna days in Ljubljana took place. Vienna´s mayor Dr. Michael Ludwig opened the event together with the vice mayor of the city of Ljubljana Dejan Crnek at a concert with music of Slovenian and Viennese composers. The focus of the musical contribution was Ludwig van Beethoven whose 250th birthday is celebrated by the City of Vienna beginning in December 2019 with the anniversary year "WienBeethoven2020".The moderated stage-talk between Vienna´s mayor Michael Ludwig and Ljubljana´s mayor Zoran Janković about how both cities can offer their citizens as much quality of life as possible opened the two conference days in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Afterwards the two mayors visited various projects in the centre of Ljubljana. During the sightseeing tour mayor Ludwig presented a public book case to the Slovenian mayor. The highlight of the Viennese mayor´s visit was his entry in the Golden Book of the City of Ljubljana.On the two conference days, experts of both cities exchanged their experience and knowledge regarding recycling economy, overtourism, public space being the "living room" of the city, violence against women, care of the elderly and new technologies for elderly people, as well as measures against poverty and homelessness. Best practice examples from Ljubljana and Vienna were presented and current urban challenges of both cities were discussed.
Banner Vienna Days Budapest 2019

Vienna days in Budapest 2019

At the Vienna days in Budapest from June 2nd to 4th 2019 cutting-edge topics were featured – under the motto "smart cities for a sustainable future" experts of the two capitals discussed trending topics like climate protection, mobility, social urban regeneration and equal opportunities as well as Danube Region Strategy and integration but also smart solutions and regional cooperation.At the event opening municipal council Marcus Schober and the vice mayor of Budapest Gábor Bagdy focused on the fact that the critical future issues are the same in all capitals – and that due to their good neighbourly relations Vienna and Budapest can – and will – give answers and find solutions together.At the opening in the town hall park the citizens of Budapest could conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with the help of the "virtual conductor", a mobile version from the Haus der Musik. Additionally they were provided with an overview of upcoming activities of "WienBeethoven2020". On this hot summer evening fruit syrup drinks of "Staud's" were served as a refreshment. Whoever felt like browsing through books could make use of a public bookcase by borrowing books and depositing own ones.
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Vienna days Belgrade 2018

"Being in dialogue and developing cities" that was the motto of the Vienna days in Belgrade from November 6th to 8th 2018. The main focus was mostly on services of general interest be it for active ageing, waste management or social housing.Municipal council Christian Deutsch and the vice mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesić emphasized the good cooperation of the two cities as far as optimizing the communal administration for the benefit of the population goes and also the meaning of the exchange of cities when discussing which direction to take in the future.On Dorćol Square Belgrade's population was offered a taste of the Viennese haute couture. Fashion designer Sabine Karner and the fashion school "Modeschule Hetzendorf" inspired with a collection of the Vienna Fashion Week.
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Vienna days Sarajevo 2018

DJs, fire engine and smart city technology. The variety of topics of the Vienna days in Sarajevo was large and diverse. Municipal council Marcus Schober and the vice mayor of Sarajevo Ivica Šarić opened the conference on July 2nd 2018 in the town hall. The motto of the Vienna days was "Innovation is the key to the future".Thus the range of topics was quite future-oriented – quality of life, smart communication between the city and its inhabitants and also the use of smart technologies when building small hydroelectric power plants.Based on their long-standing cooperation the professional fire brigade of Vienna presented their colleagues from the Sarajevo Canton with a tried and tested fire engine. The local population was served free Vienna days ice cream and sun loungers to the background music of the Rock The Island contest winner DJ Febration.

Vienna days Prague 2018

Michael Häupl´s last trip abroad in his function of mayor of Vienna was to Prague on May 13th 2018. In the residency of the Austrian ambassador he opened the Vienna days together with the mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová.In the following two days the exchange of experience of the decision-makers and experts was about urban planning, public space and modern communication in the city.The Viennese "Heurige" (an Austrian establishment where wine from the latest harvest is served) that was organised at the Old Town Hall was open to the general public. The vineyard Cobenzl served traditional "Heurigen" delicacies and original wine from Vienna. Beneficiary of the proceeds was the charity organisation "Debra" which advocates for butterfly children.
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Vienna days Zagreb 2017

The Vienna days in Zagreb were held just before the beginning of Advent season from November 26th to 28th 2017. The main themes were innovative projects in the fields of environment protection, mobility and smart city.True to the motto "Smart Cities of the Future" the focus of the two-day conference was on Vienna´s smart city technology. Other aspects were share economy in tourism, urban mobility and start-ups.The opening on Ban Jelačić Square was done by municipal council Marcus Schober and the vice mayor of Zagreb Jelena Pavičić Vukićević. Subsequently hot spiced wine was served for a good cause – the net proceeds went to the children's cancer charity "Krijesnica".
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Vienna days Krakow 2017

Vienna meets Krakow – from April 3rd to 5th 2017 Viennese experts came to see their Polish colleagues so they could discuss current issues like air quality and energy management as well as economic topics like smart city and start-up strategies.The two mayors Michael Häupl and Jacek Majchrowski opened the Vienna days with the programmatic title "Innovative Cities". On the main square of Krakow Häupl presented his counterpart with a few pieces of seating furniture from the Museumsquartier – the Vienas – as a gift from Vienna.The musical highlight was when the Parov Stelar trio performed for the citizens of Krakow. The visual highlight were 360° videos from Vienna which showed images of the Naschmarkt, the summer toboggan run at the Hohe-Wand-Wiese and the Vienna Ice Dream.
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Vienna days Sofia 2017

From February 11th to 14th 2017 the Vienna days in Sofia took place. The focus was on topics like urban preservation, museum management and mobility.Cultural emphasis was laid on the subject world heritage, therefore the Viennese ball in the Bulgarian capital was the inofficial kick-off event. The official part was opened by the mayor of Sofia Jordanka Fandakova and the chairman of the Viennese municipal council Thomas Reindl.Positive publicity was ensured with the biggest Manner heart which provided for the proper Viennese flair – about 10.000 Manner Neapolitan wafers were distributed among the citizens. Moreover the vineyard Cobenzl gave a deep insight into the Viennese culture of wine-growing and "Heurige" (an Austrian establishment where wine from the latest harvest is served).
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Vienna days Ljubljana 2016

Green city development, the future of Ljubljana as a business location and the world´s biggest Sacher cake. Those were the pillars of the Vienna days in Ljubljana from September 19th to 21st 2016.Executive City Councillor of Finance, Economic and International Affairs Renate Brauner was there, a proven expert on the subject of business locations, who was able to give her profound expertise on the close economic ties between Ljubljana and Vienna, especially on the key aspects of specific promotion strategies for innovation, start-ups and international business locations.As a concluding "special treat" for the citizens a cultural-culinary finale was organized at the Tromostovje (Triple Bridge): The Sacher master confectioners baked the world´s biggest original Sacher cake and distributed pieces of it for free as a symbol for Viennese tradition.